The story behind the design of the future 900 scrum cap

The story behind the design of the Impact 500 SG boot

The starting point of this scrum cap : improving the perception of the step-up in quality between our existing R500 and R900 products.
We wanted a new R900 scrum cap that offered genuine quality and really stood apart.

That's why we set about reworking our R900 rugby scrum cap. Here's how we did it.

the rugby scrum cap test bench

It all started with our Men's product manager looking at the scrum caps already available on the market, taking inspiration from them, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and identifying the direction that Offload should take. There were a few scrum caps that caught our eye in terms of the foam padding they used and their ergonomics.

Thanks to this market study, our product manager was able to create a brief and present it to our engineer and designers.

the product brief

"A scrum cap offering a genuine technical edge"

The brief was as follows:

We need a comfortable scrum cap that adapts to the shape of the head, offers maximum protection to sensitive parts of the skull, improves air flow around the head, is hard-wearing, allows players to hear properly while they are playing, and boasts a modern, technical design.

Below are the most important product advantages:
1. Shock absorption in key impact areas: forehead, temple and top of the skull.
2. Optimum fit for all head shapes and sizes.
3. Air flow around the head.

The story behind the design of the future R900 scrum cap

creation of prototypes

In our Kipstadium workshop in Lille

In this phase, the product manager, engineer and designers met on several occasions to create the various scrum cap prototypes and achieve the required standard.

Here's how they did it:
To begin with, our two designers each put forward a different solution. That gave us two options that we worked on in parallel:
- Solution A: a headband area made of high-performance shock-absorbing foam (Poron®). As well as protecting the temples, it is also very adaptable to all head shapes and sizes.
- Solution B: a new design and a new vent solution for the ears, allow players to hear better while they are playing.

The story behind the design of the future R900 scrum cap

After this initial phase, we then worked on these prototypes to make them even more ergonomic and ensure an optimum fit for all head shapes and sizes.

We developed the following two new prototypes, using the two parallel solutions:
- Solution A: we reworked the foam padding and the shape of the headband area around the temples.
- Solution B: we redesigned the shape and structure of the foam padding.

The story behind the design of the future R900 scrum cap

But what about the ear vents?

Don't worry ! They're coming !
In parallel with these last prototypes, we wanted to improve the vent system in the ear area so that players can hear better when playing.

To do this, we got our community at the Decathlon Co-creation site involved by putting two ear vent solutions to them (the colors, orange and blue, were only used to differentiate the two types of openings. They were not to be taken into account).

Results of the questionnaire:
- The largest opening (modeled in blue) was very popular with 67% of the votes
- The other opening (modeled in orange) obtained 14% of the votes
- 13% had no opinion and 6% did not like either opening

We therefore selected the larger opening (modeled in blue).

The story behind the design of the future R900 scrum cap

the end result

"A scrum cap that's technical, ergonomic, protective and practical during game time"

In the end, thanks to the creation of different prototypes and the results of the co-creation surveys, we opted for a scrum cap combining the wide opening at the ears, as well as the strong points of the two solutions presented by our designers.
From solution A, we selected the headband area made of high-performance shock-absorbing foam (Poron®) to maximise on-pitch protection and comfort
From solution B, we selected the ergonomics of the pads that bring comfort during the game. 

The story behind the design of the future R900 scrum cap

We then asked our factory to manufacture the prototype we chose. 
And finally, we all came together to choose the colour of the future R900 rugby scrum cap. 

📱 Stay tuned!