Learning the skills needed to play rugby can be challenging. To help, we've created a series of videos where expert players share their tips with you! 

With its tackling, passing, scrum, line-outs, kicks, etc., rugby is a sport that requires a mastery of many different technical moves. In our series on rugby skills, our partner rugby players explain these various moves and the phases of the game, and give you the tips you need to do them right!

The ruck or breakdown is a passage of play. A ruck is formed when at least one player from either side are in contact, on their feet and over the ball, positioned on the ground. The offside line is determined by the hindmost point of the last player in the ruck. We give you our advice.
There are several ways to bump off a defender in rugby, depending on the distance between the ball-carrier and the player attempting to make the tackle. Here's our advice on how to do it properly.
A maul forms when at least three players from either side come into contact together. Here's our advice on how to do it properly.
The sidestep is a smart piece of footwork that is commonly used to evade a tackler. Still haven't got the hang of it? We'll give you all our tips.
Lifts are performed at the lineout. It is an important skill to master. Get it right and you'll give the jumper every chance of catching the ball.
Tries score more points than anything else in rugby, although points can also be scored by a variety of kicks. Here's our advice on kicking for goal.
Passing is a skill that is all about being accurate. Get it wrong and your team could lose the ball. Here's our advice on how to do it properly.
Tackling is a defensive action that needs to be practised and mastered in order to bring an opposing ball-carrier down. We give you our advice!


Rugby skills are the individual technical moves performed during the various phases of the game. Working on one's skills is a key part of training, from rugby school all the way up to the pro level. The goal of such training is to improve the player's individual technique in a number of different areas: passing, tackling, rucks, kicks, etc. It is therefore important to do exercises related to these skills all throughout your playing career in order to get and stay at the top of your game in every area. As you progress, the goal is to make each exercise linked to a skill increasingly more difficult in order to help you become increasingly comfortable in any game phase (longer passes, tackling from both sides, recovering the ball from a ruck, more accurate kicks, etc.). Here you'll find a non-exhaustive set of videos explaining the main rugby skills, to assist you in your learning journey.