Tackling is a defensive action that needs to be practised and mastered in order to bring an opposing ball-carrier down. We give you our advice! 


To make a good tackle you have to get your body in the proper position first of all, with your inside shoulder (the side where the ball is coming from) in line with the ball-carrier's outer hip (the side opposite where the ball is coming from). You then impact the ball-carrier's pelvic region with that shoulder, with your inner supporting leg positioned between their legs. Then you use your arms to pull the ball-carrier forward and bring them down.

Ambroise, a back-rower for Marcq en Baroeul in France's fourth tier, gives us his advice on how to make a good tackle and give yourself every chance -or some chance at least- of winning the ball.


Getting yourself in the correct position is the first step in making a good tackle. You don't know what we're talking about? Then let Ambroise put you in the picture: 

“The important thing is to get yourself in the right position at the start. I line the ball-carrier up with my inside shoulder and then step up and move into the tackle.”


Having got yourself into the right position, it's important to position your legs correctly so that you can start driving towards your opponent. 

“I'm going to change the frequency of the steps I take. I pick up speed as I close in on the ball-carrier and on making contact with them I start to position my head on the correct side so that it doesn't get stuck between my body and that of the opponent. Once I've done that, I put my arms around them in a pincer movement and I use my legs to drive them back and make an offensive tackle.”


Making a good tackle is great.If you can pick yourself up and win the ball, then it's even better.

'“I'm going to try and pick myself up as quickly as possible so I can win the ball back for my team.”

You now have all the information you need to tackle opposing players effectively and come away with the ball for your team.