Tries score more points than anything else in rugby. Five points for the try itself and two for the conversion. Points can also be scored by kicking a penalty or a drop goal. Here's our advice on kicking for goal. 


There are three ways to score with a kick in rugby: 

- penalty

- drop goal

- conversion

Guilhem FENOY, who plays fly half for Marcq en Baroeul in France's fourth tier, talks to us about kicking for goal.


Kicking a penalty is one way to score points in rugby. It is a skill that requires concentration and positioning. 

“I use a telescopic tee to kick penalties. I have my own pre-kick routine: I put the tee down opposite the posts and put the ball on the tee with the seam also facing the posts. The ball should be at a 45-degree angle. Then I pace out my run-up. I place my supporting foot, my left foot, next to the tee, and take two paces back in line with the centre of the tee, followed by two steps to the left. Then I run up to the ball, using my left arm to keep my balance, and strike the ball with the instep of my foot.”


The drop goal is another way of kicking for points. It can be an effective way of rounding off an attack and scores three points. 

“It's important to set yourself up before a drop and to assess the risks of attempting one. When receiving the ball you have to get your hands in the correct position. The ball needs to drop just in front of my kicking foot and bounce straight. It's important to keep your balance when kicking through the ball so you can send it as high and as far as possible.”


Conversions follow a try and if successful score two points to add to the five awarded for the try. 

“Conversions are important. If you make one, your team scores two extra points. The ball is placed on a line with the spot where the try was scored. You need to be careful with conversions, however. As soon as you start your run-up, the opposition players can run forward and try to block the ball.”

Thanks Guilhem for your tips on kicking for goal in rugby. It's up to you now to go out and do it!